Energetic particles

COMESEP: Forecasting the Space Weather Impact

The FP7 COronal Mass Ejections and Solar Energetic Particles (COMESEP) project is developing tools for forecasting geomagnetic storms and solar energetic particle (SEP) radiation storms.

By analysis of historical data, complemented by the extensive data coverage of solar cycle 23, the key ingredients that lead to magnetic storm and SEP events and the factors that are responsible for false alarms are being identified. To enhance our understanding of the 3D kinematics and interplanetary propagation of CMEs, the structure, propagation and evolution of CMEs are being investigated.


In parallel, the sources and propagation of SEPs are being examined and modeled. Based on the insights gained, and making use of algorithms for the automated detection of CMEs, forecasting tools for geomagnetic and SEP radiation storms will be developed and optimised. Validation and implementation of the produced tools into an operational Space Weather Alert system will be performed.




Accurate modeling of the solar energetic particle environment constitutes a priority requirement for astrophysics missions and human exploration. Modern user requirements, as well as recent observational data and scientific advances, provide considerable scope for reviewing and updating existing standard models.


Incorporating recent scientific results and a complete set of cross-calibrated data, the SEPEM project is working towards creating new engineering models and tools to address current and future needs.




The space environment is immense covering the Sun, interplanetary space and Earth's local environment (the magnetosphere, the ionosphere and the atmosphere). To establish an efficient space weather forecasting system will demand joint efforts between scientists from many branches of geophysics, space and solar physics.

The INTAS network project: "Key Parameters for Space Weather", brings together expertise from both NIS (New Independent States of the former Soviet Union) and INTAS members in various areas of space weather related topics.

INTAS is an independent International Association formed by the European Community, European Union's Member States and like minded countries acting to preserve and promote the valuable scientific potential of the INTAS partner countries through East-West Scientific co-operation.



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